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Blind Drivers Plot Their Own Course - (NFB)

Aug 20, 2009

"A voice rose above the chatter in the University of Maryland parking lot: 'Blind man driving!' Twenty people took turns piloting a car on this muggy Friday morning, the first public test of technology that might one day overcome barriers to putting the blind behind the wheel. The quest to drive has captivated the blind community as it has become more integrated into a car-centric society. Some likened Friday's test to a moon landing -- a fitting analogy, considering that the prototype vehicle vaguely resembled a lunar rover. 'One day, we'll be on the road with them,' said Ishaan Rastogi, 15, a blind New Jersey high school student with a Yankees cap pulled over his eyes and the first to test the vehicle. The event capped a summer science academy organized by the National Federation of the Blind for 200 blind and low-vision young people from across the country. The youths had spent the week rock climbing, bungee-jumping and launching weather balloons, activities tailored to teach that there is no limit to what a blind person can do."

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