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$24 Million For More And Better Affordable Homes In Downtown Winnipeg: Province Launches New Long-term Strategy Backed by $327-million Investment (Government of Manitoba)

Aug 17, 2009

"Hundreds of students, new Canadians, seniors and families are among more than 1,700 households that will benefit from new and improved housing in the downtown Winnipeg area. . . 'Our Government is moving aggressively to ensure Canada's Economic Action Plan is implemented rapidly here in Manitoba and across Canada,' said Toews. 'I'm pleased that more lower-income individuals, families, seniors and persons with disabilities will benefit from safe, affordable housing in their communities.' The Province of Manitoba is contributing $227 million over two years for housing initiatives in Winnipeg and across the province. The federal contribution is close to $100 million over two years under Canada's Economic Action Plan, the two-year extension of federal funding for the Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI) and the renovation programs for low-income households, for a combined investment of $327 million."

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