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Kudos to Government for Listening and Committing to Act

Sep 20, 2018
A letter from government last week sets the stage for significantly speeding up the implementation of the landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act
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Recap of Eight Days of Social Media Posts on Serious AMA Related Concerns

Sep 10, 2018
Read BFM's eight daily Facebook posts and Tweets on major concerns related to the shortfalls in the implementation that started on September 1, 2018
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Heather Stefanson appointed as new Minister of Families

Aug 01, 2018
The Premier shuffled his cabinet with Ms. Stefanson replacing Mr. Fielding as the Minister of Families
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What Went Down at the June 20 Public Consultation on the AMA

Jul 24, 2018
The video of the proceedings from the June 20 public consultation on landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act has now been posted, along with a transcript
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St. Boniface Candidate responses to Questions from the Disability Matters Vote Campaign

Jul 15, 2018
Read how the four candidates have all responses to three questions asked by the Disability Matters Vote campaign
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St. Malo to Become Manitoba's Most Accessible Beach and Park

Jul 13, 2018
Unofficial word has it that St. Malo Park will be introducing major accessibility improvements this summer and over the coming years
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DMV Holds Rush Hour Street Rally in St. Boniface

Jul 11, 2018
See photos of the the Disability Matters Vote rally held on the afternoon of July 11 as part of the St. Boniface by-election
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Final Broken Promise Campaign Update

Jun 28, 2018
One final update on BFM's Broken Promise campaign
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BFM's Letter to Minister Scott Fielding

Jun 28, 2018
The full text of the letter sent to Minister Scott Fielding as part of the Broken Promise campaign
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Public comments focus on the weak, slow and incomplete implementation of landmark AMA

Jun 21, 2018
Key consensus themes from yesterday's public consultation session on the landmark AMA
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