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Budget proposes welcomed but marginal funding increase to support implementation of landmark AMA

Mar 13, 2018
Government proposes an increase of $30,000 (3.8%) in the overall budget for the Disability Issues Office in yesterday's budget
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Barrier-Free Manitoba Releases Primer and Report Card on AMA Implementation to Date

Mar 01, 2018
These documents have been prepared to support community-engagement in answering two important questions over the next ten months
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BFM Releases Study on Barriers to Accessibility in Manitoba's Education Systems

Feb 22, 2018
Barrier-Free Manitoba is pleased to release the report from recent research on accessibility issues facing students with disabilities across our educational systems from child care through to post-secondary
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BFM Submits Long List of Those Calling for Stronger Standard

Jan 31, 2018
Barrier-Free Manitoba sent Minister Fielding the list of individuals and organizations that registered their support for our recommendations to strengthen the proposed accessible employment standard
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Province selects Theresa Harvey Pruden to conduct mandatory review of the landmark AMA

Jan 16, 2018
Appointment announced this afternoon in a media bulletin released by the Province.
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Minister Acknowledges the Growing Support for an Accessible Education Standard

Jan 16, 2018
Minister Scott Fielding sends letter to thank BFM for update on growing list of individuals and organizations calling for this essential but missing standard
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BFM Releases Final Call for Stronger Employment Standard

Jan 12, 2018
Barrier-Free Manitoba's final brief on the proposed accessible employment standard called for much stronger measures to address longstanding labour market inequities.
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Public Input Session on Priorities for the Information and Communication Standard

Jan 05, 2018
The Information and Communications Standard Development Committee will be holding a consultation session on January 24
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Hundreds More Manitobans Call for an Accessible Education Standard

Jan 01, 2018
First thing this morning, BFM sent the Minister updated version of the June 30, 2017 letter calling for the government's commitment to develop and enforce an accessible education standard under the AMA
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BFM Releases Comparative Review of Info and Communication Standards

Dec 13, 2017
In anticipation of the results of initial work on the AMA's accessible information and communication standard, BFM is pleased to release a comparative review of similar standards in place in other jurisdictions.
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