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Nova Scotia Becomes 3rd Province to Enact Accessibility-Rights Legislation

Apr 28, 2017

And Then There Were Three: Nova Scotia becomes third province to pass landmark accessibility-rights legislation

Disability advocates at hearing

Nova Scotia joined both Ontario and Manitoba on April 27th as the first three Canadian provinces to establish accessibility-rights legislation that creates legal requirements for the proactive and systemic removal of barriers to equitable access faced by persons with disabilities and the prevention of new barriers.

Here's the link to the NS government's media release:

As in both Ontario and Manitoba, the passage of this legislation was only made possible through the determined work of, and advocacy by, that province's disability communities. Indeed, community pressure resulted in a much stronger Act than the Bill (Bill 59) that had originally been tabled back in November 2016.

For media coverage of the initial bill's limitations, go to:

Here's a link to coverage of the bill heading into 3rd Reading:

Finally, here is a link to a PDF of the bill with all the revisions that passed Third Reading:

We at Barrier-Free Manitoba heartily congratulate our counterparts in Nova Scotia for the success of their efforts in creating a truly inclusive society.

Next up on the legislative front, we think, will be passage of national accessibility-rights legislation - a commitment made by the current federal government.


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