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Ensure the Accessibility of Arts and Culture in Manitoba

May 28, 2017

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Do you love the arts? Are you or others you know excluded from parts of our rich arts scene due a disability? Do you want to love the arts even more in the future?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, please help the Province create a new culture policy for Manitoba.

Yes, the Province recent launched a arts and culture policy review and is inviting public feedback before June 30th.

And kudos to the Province. It has included a consideration of disability issues (see page 13 of its discussion paper - the URL is listed below) and has posed three questions meant to provide for comment on disability issues.

The questions:

1. How should the cultural policy reflect the cultural diversity of our province? How can the province ensure the full range of diverse Manitoban voices is expressed, represented and developed in our cultural activities?

2. What barriers currently exist for some Manitobans to fully participate in, or have access to culture and how can the cultural policy help eliminate those barriers?

3. How can a new cultural policy ensure that that support for culture reflects Manitoba’s diverse regions, communities and populations?

Here's a link to the policy review home page:

Here's the link to the discussion paper: (only posted as a PDF doc)

Arts and cultural resources can and should serve all Manitobans. Please help ensure that they more fully include and better respond to the needs and interests of Manitobans with a disability in the future.


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