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Preliminary Results from the Accessible Education Surveys

Nov 29, 2017

Barrier-Free Manitoba is pleased to report that hundreds of Manitoban students, parents and educators have now completed one of the surveys.

We also thought that you might be interested in some of the preliminary results. Following is the percent of respondents across the stakeholder groups who identified selected disability-barriers as being part of their current experience in our educational systems.

Here are the same results in text.

  • Attitudinal barriers - 55.2%
  • Social barriers - 58.7%
  • Programmatic barriers - 55.8%
  • Policy barriers - 46.4%
  • Information/communication barriers - 56.2%
  • Physical/structural barriers - 28.4%
  • Transportation barriers - 22.7%

As a follow up open-ended question, the surveys invite respondents to describe these barriers. We are pleased that the majority of respondents provided detailed examples. These results will be part of the final report from the surveys expected to be available in early 2018.

We know that an increased response rate will add considerably to the reliability and value of the survey results. As such, we ask that you take extraordinary measures to promote the surveys. We all share the common goal of improving our educational systems for students with disabilities. The results from this survey will help us all advance this goal.

Here are the URL links to the surveys for each of the stakeholder groups:


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