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Catherine Smorang Encourages You to Support BFM's Broken Promise Campaign

Jun 06, 2018

Catherine, who works at CNIB and is a member of the Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities, has supported BFM's campaign by creating a video message. (We've included the trascript below)

The landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) promised significant progress toward full accessibility by 2023. That's just not happening. The promise is being broken.

Catherine deserves better. So do you. We all do.

Please join Catherine in calling for better at:

Here's the transcript of Catherine's message:

Hello, my name is Catherine.

I’m one of 200,000 Manitobans who lives with a disability and I face many barriers, every day.

For people with little or no vision, technology can be a way to overcome barriers.

However, when websites and software are developed without accessibility in mind, technology can be a huge barrier.

In the last few years, incredible advances have been made in accommodating technology.

Unfortunately, for those who are unemployed, it is unaffordable and its almost a necessity in order to find employment to be able to use this technology and to stay up to date with.

The landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act promised that major progress would be made towards full accessibility by 2023.

But after five years, the government still has no plan in place for how accessibility standards will be enforced. The Act simply has no teeth.

We do not even treat our traffic violations that way. The AMA is the law.

Let’s enforce it!

That’s why I am encouraging you to join Barrier-Free Manitoba in its campaign to call for immediate action to get things back on track.

Go online and let your voice be heard loud and clear.

I deserve better. So do you. Please act today!

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