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Jordan Sangalang, a Member of Manitoba's Deaf Community, Encourages You to Support BFM's Broken Promise Campaign

Jun 08, 2018

 Jordan is Deaf and a member of Manitoba's Deaf comunity. He has supported BFM's campaign by creating a video message. (We've included the transcript below)

The landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) promised significant progress toward full accessibility by 2023. That's just not happening. The promise is being broken.

Jordan deserves better. So do you. We all do.

Please join Jordan in calling for better at:

Here's the transcript of Jordan's message:

Hello, my name is Jordan.

I am Deaf and I am part of the Deaf community.

We, along with the 200,000 Manitobans with disabilities, face a lot of barriers every day.

The Deaf community, including myself, have a common issue every day dealing with communication barriers such as excuses about not providing interpreters, not willing to write on paper as a means of communication, quality of captioning not up to par and most of all, their attitudes.

All of these lead to creating communication barriers between us.

The landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act promised that a major progress would be made toward full accessibility by 2023 seems to be not following through.

Their promise appears to be have been broken.

With the government’s meagre budget and an office of 6 people, they are only able to make meagre changes toward an inclusive Manitoba.

Serious changes require serious resources toward an accessible and inclusive Manitoba.

Accessibility needs to be a top priority.

I encourage you to join Barrier-Free Manitoba’s Campaign through

They will ensure immediate action to get things on track toward full accessibility on time.

I deserve a better and accessible environment. So do you.

Please take action and support us at

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