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What Went Down at the June 20 Public Consultation on the AMA

Jul 24, 2018

As many will know, the mandatory four-year review of the effectiveness of the landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act is now underway. As required, the review had to include an opportunity for the public to share opinions and views on implementation efforts to date.

That requirement was met with one (and only one) in-person public consultation session that was held in Winnipeg on June 20, 2018. The session was attended by almost 100 people, mostly members from and individuals active in our diverse disability communities As we reported previously, the consensus themes that that implementation to date has been slow, weak and incomplete. 

Unfortunately, the public consultation session was not live streamed so that others unable to attend would be able to watch nad/or even participate in real time via social media. Nor are there any plan to hold public consultations sessions elsewhere in Manitoba.

So the best we can offer is to post the YouTube version of the session that was posted on the Province's AMA website last week. 

We are also pleased to provide the transcript from the session (Word) that we also posted.


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