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Finally Starting to Get Up to Speed: Province launches video to help groups meet their AMA obligations

Nov 06, 2018

Title screen from training video

We're very pleased that the Province has finally launched a series of tools and resources to help 35,000+ organizations meet their legal obligations under the AMA's Customer Service Standard (CSS).

The CSS requires that all employees and volunteers (in all organizations with 1 or more employee) who deal with the public have received training on human rights, the AMA, the standard and how to provide respectful, equitable and accessible services to Manitobans with disabilities.

Accordingly, the resources just launched include

  • a FREE training video
  • a facilitator's guide
  • a knowledge check for learners
  • a transcript from the video

These resources are posted at:

Please take them for a spin and tell us what you think.

It remains very unfortunate that these have been launched following rather than before the November 1, 2018 deadline by which these groups are legally required to have met, not to start meeting, the obligations. This is particularly concerning in that the Province had three full years advance notice of this deadline. But, as we seem to be saying often these days, better late than never.


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